HR Automation Importances

HR department is responsible for several roles in a company including payrolls,salary processing,Human Capital Management, leave administration, employees management, performance appraisals, training management and recruitment. To assists in this intensive work there are HR software developed in Kenya and they have helped a great deal in automation of HR operations. These benefits include:
  • Security. This is a very important milestone of automation since the information in the HR department is very sensitive therefore it needs security from unauthorized access and also from physical damage and theft. This is achieved through online server’s backups.
  • Cost reduction. Automated HR transactions e.g. salary processing, allowance and deductions save cost in stationaries and employees
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  • Improve service delivery. HR Software helps increases level of engagement and it bring satisfaction of services offered to both the management and employees.
  • Improve HR strategies. Automation helps generate greater strategic role to the HR department. This could be establishing more virtual customer relationships within the organization.
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